About Me

Marsha Jacobson

Having grown up in a small Midwest town, I went to college in Boston and discovered I’m a city gal. I now live in New York City and am an author, teacher, and writing coach. My work has appeared in the New York Times; the Visible Ink anthology; and the flash fiction anthology, For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn. My memoir, The Wrong Calamity, is my debut book. Previously, I was an executive in corporations and nonprofits and a consultant to nonprofits. When I’m not writing, you might find me reading in a park or cooking something out of the ordinary in my kitchen while singing along with a playlist.

Sometimes tears were rolling down my face as I wrote. Occasionally I was feeling an old sadness again, but often I was so moved by how much love and support had come to me along the way. Writing this book made me realize I’d been so overwhelmed just living my life, I hadn’t fully appreciated the people who stepped in and got me over a hurdle I couldn’t manage on my own. I tracked down many of them, and it was such a gift, letting them know how much they mattered.

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