The Wrong Calamity

The Wrong Calamity is an intimate journey into the ups and downs of one woman’s life, spanning seven countries, two marriages, and profound insights about herself and those she loves. Touching on neglect, eating disorders, domestic violence, single parenthood, and the devastating impact one person’s trauma can have on others, it is a tale of tears and triumph.

Marsha, a young woman who grew up lacking self-confidence, falls prey to an administrator at her college. Afraid to say no, she agrees to marry him and move to Japan, where a chance meeting leads to a high-stakes job. As success boosts her confidence, her husband becomes more abusive. When they return to America, she escapes from him in a dramatic police chase, with their two toddlers in tow. 

Determined to succeed, Marsha finds the means to go to Harvard Business School and earns an MBA. Finally feeling a true sense of herself, she has a significant career while raising her girls and fending off her vengeful ex-husband.

Later, she reconnects with Jay, a former colleague and recent widower. They marry and have many joyful years together, until Jay’s buried past reveals itself and their life together deteriorates. Dismissing the impact of his profound PTSD, Marsha insists they’ll make it through this hard time together. But when the true calamity they’re facing becomes apparent, both their marriage and Marsha are shattered. With compelling honesty, she gives voice to the often-misunderstood lived experience of grief and shares the inspiring path she took to find her way again. With time, reflection, resiliency, and the ability to recognize support when it’s offered, Marsha emerges sure-footed and able to have a happy, fulfilling life. An impactful and inspiring memoir. 

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