The Wrong Calamity

A Memoir

Grappling with neglect, eating disorders, domestic violence, single parenthood, and how trauma can be contagious, The Wrong Calamity is an inspirational journey into one woman’s challenging and ultimately triumphant life.

Marsha, a freshman lacking self-confidence, falls prey to a controlling man at college. Afraid to say no, she agrees to marry him and move to Japan, where she unexpectedly gets a high-stakes job. As she becomes successful, her husband becomes more abusive. Back in America, she and their two toddlers escape from him in a dramatic police chase.

Determined to succeed, she earns a Harvard MBA and builds a career while raising her girls and fending off her vengeful ex-husband. Later, she marries Jay, a former colleague. Their marriage is joyful—until his buried past reveals itself. Undaunted by Jay’s PTSD, Marsha insists they’ll survive this, but the true calamity they’re facing shatters her and their life together. With brave honesty, Marsha gives voice to the lived experience of grief and shares her insights on how she became resilient, rediscovered herself, and now has a happy, fulfilling life. The Wrong Calamity is a compelling and inspiring memoir.

The Wrong Calamity is a finalist for the First Horizon Award

For a superior work by a debut author in any genre

Dear Readers,

Thank you for coming to my website to learn more about my memoir, The Wrong Calamity.

As I share in this book, there was a point in my life when everything fell apart. Too soon, people told me it was time to be “over it.” I was still grieving, and it made me feel isolated, like no one understood. I hope my story helps others experiencing grief and loss know that their feelings are normal and that they will make it through.

I also hope people will take from this book that we shouldn’t criticize ourselves for things we did in the past. We do the best we can at a given time, and what matters is what we do now.

People ask me why I wanted to write a memoir. At first, I didn’t. I wanted to write a collection of personal essays. But as my stack of essays piled up, I realized they were all about a single thread in my life—and that thread wanted to be a memoir.

Marsha Jacobson
Author, Teacher, and Writing Coach

Quotes from Reviewers

It takes bravery to share such a story & immense skill to make the reader feel the story - to the Brave skilled Author who wrote this book👏👏

Early Reader Review

This memoir was packed with miserable and beautiful things that eventually shaped the writer into a strong and brave person.

Early Reader Review ordinary woman who did extraordinary things

Early Reader Review

a lot can be learned from Marsha’s words

Early Reader Review

a well written memoir that tells her story as if I’m sitting down with a friend and catching up on life updates

Early Reader Review

fascinating and compelling reading

Early Reader Review
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