I can hardly believe my own news!

Throughout Brandeis, Harvard, and my career, I kept secret the drama that was playing out in my personal life. When I decided to share that story in a memoir, people said not to bother. Only celebrity memoirs get published, they said. Still, I sent it out, and four publishers wanted it. My book, The Wrong Calamity, will be out October 17.

The Wrong Calamity grew out of my regret that I couldn’t fit a pivotal event from my life into an application for a play-writing workshop. The topic was “Tell us about yourself,” and it was limited to 100 words. I later wrote up that event as a personal essay, and discovered I liked writing short pieces. Soon I had a whole sheaf of them. As the collection grew, it became clear there was one thread to my life that wanted to be told in full. After 7 years of writing about 60 years of living, a memoir!

Advance reviews are great, and, even though I’m not a celebrity, I hope you want to read The Wrong Calamity.

I hope you’ll read it and will let me know what you think. It’s available now for preorder.


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