Keynotes & Workshops

Keynotes & Workshops

Hope, Empowerment, and Practical Advice

Marsha Jacobson’s extraordinary journey of overcoming a traumatic life and discovering her strong self demonstrates that our past does not define our future. In keynotes and workshops, she shares her experiences and offers actionable and even playful tools to help people build resilience, foster self-compassion, and move beyond their difficult pasts toward confidence and self-esteem. Participants learn to confront and release the shame and negative self-beliefs that have held them back and emerge with a stronger sense of self-worth and a clear roadmap for living a more fulfilling and empowered life. 

Keynotes often conclude with Q&A from a highly engaged audience. Workshops include opportunities for participants to practice techniques and receive coaching on customizing them for individual situations.

Triumph Over Adversity

Becoming Your Strongest Self When Things Fall Apart

Marsha Jacobson’s remarkable journey from escaping an abusive marriage to becoming a beacon of hope for others is a powerful testament to her extraordinary resilience and the profound power of self-reinvention. She shares her unique strategies for building self-confidence with “tiny experiments,” boosting self-esteem through “mirror talking,” and using a playful yet strategic “headline approach” to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and determination. Marsha’s insights offer practical, actionable techniques for finding hidden support, turning pain into empowerment, and moving beyond the shadows of our past to achieve a fulfilling life.

What You’ll Learn

  • A practical, step-by-step method for building your self-esteem and resilience.
  • Techniques to transform negative self-talk into a narrative that reflects your true strengths.
  • Actionable tools to motivate yourself when you feel defeated

Parenting When Your Ex-Partner is a Neglectful or Disruptive Parent

Shielding children from parental conflict

Many face the challenge of single-parenting or co-parenting against the backdrop of a neglectful or disruptive ex-partner, yet few discuss the depth and understanding it requires. Marsha Jacobson’s story shines a light on this path, offering hope and practical insights for those in similar situations. Raising two daughters amidst the fallout of an abusive relationship, she navigated the choppy waters of shielding her children from parental conflict, counteracting the other parent’s negative influence, and turning her own anger and pain into an opportunity to build resilience and confidence in her children and herself. Marsha’s journey is not about just overcoming. It’s about thriving. Her insights and actionable advice are invaluable for single- and co-parents striving to create a positive future for their children.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Effective strategies for managing your own anger and pain in this distressing situation.
  • The truth versus myths about how to avoid “putting children in the middle” of parental conflict.
  • Detailed, practical tools to help your children become resilient and self-confident.

Breaking the Chain: Building Confidence by Overcoming Shame

Silencing Our Inner Critic

Trapped in an abusive relationship and transplanted to a foreign land, Marsha Jacobson faced the daunting challenge of overcoming a deep-seated sense of worthlessness. In this crucible of adversity, she forged a path to empowerment—not just breaking free from an oppressive situation, but embarking on a broader journey of self-discovery. She transformed her life from one of dependency and low self-esteem to being a thriving professional, a role model for her daughters, and a resilient individual who overcame the weight of a devastating family secret. At the heart of Marsha’s message is the intricate link between self-esteem and shame. Sharing the strategies that helped her sever this link, she offers an innovative “voice” technique to identify shame and its sources, providing practical methods to break its power. She also introduces a 

new perspective on assessing our competence, viewing it not as a static measure but as a dynamic process that grows with every challenge we face. Marsha’s experience is a call to action, demonstrating that with determination and self-belief, overcoming adversity and achieving a fulfilling life are within reach.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify the sources of your pain.
  • A detailed, practical method to break free from its grip. 
  • Techniques to silence your inner critic and develop an inner advocate that recognizes your strengths.

Work with Marsha

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