On the Cutting Room Floor – Grandma Julia

Readers of The Wrong Calamity are familiar with my grandmother Julia. Here’s something about her that didn’t make it to the final manuscript:

When Grandma was at our house for one of her visits, she invited me to take a walk with her. I was 9, and on the way back I asked her if she wanted to take my secret shortcut. “Yes!” she said, with exclamation points in her voice. Off we went. We came to a little creek, and I said I’d show her how to jump over it. I leaped, but she walked across, soaking her shoes. Then we had to climb a fence, and she tore her stockings. When we got home, my mother yelled at me for making my grandmother do all that, but Grandma interrupted her and said she’d never had more fun in her life. Boy, did I feel triumphant!

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