Marsha Jacobson

Author | Consultant | Speaker

Marsha Jacobson

Author | Consultant | Speaker

Meet Marsha

Calamity to Clarity

Marsha Jacobson is the embodiment of resilience and living proof that our past doesn’t define our future. Raised by neglectful parents, she married an abusive man and agreed to move to Japan with him, isolating herself from friends and family. Finally she broke free of him and had it all—a loving second marriage, a successful career, and close friendships. Years later, deep secrets from her second husband’s past shattered her world. 

Today Marsha leads a happy, fulfilling life and is an inspiration to everyone who hears her speak. Her story is about much more than overcoming trauma. It’s about finding our resilience; developing self-confidence in our most challenging situations; and discovering our extraordinary potential, even if others try to undermine it.

Dedicated to empowering others to be their best selves, Marsha is a compelling and relatable speaker who transfixes audiences with the knowledge gained from years of research and the wisdom gained from her personal experiences.

Her prize winning memoir, “The Wrong Calamity,” is a blueprint for moving past self-defeating thoughts and behavior to a life of self-confidence, joy, success, and meaning.

Keynotes & Workshops

Unleash Your Creativity

Spark innovation & ignite your creativity! This keynote shatters myths & unlocks your potential. The workshop equips you with design thinking tools to bring ideas to life. Leave inspired & empowered to solve problems creatively!

The Wrong Calamity

A Memoir

Grappling with neglect, eating disorders, domestic violence, single parenthood, and how trauma can be contagious, The Wrong Calamity is an inspirational journey into one woman’s challenging and ultimately triumphant life.

Literary Honors for The Wrong Calamity

Honorable Mention, The Eric Hoffer Award: An international book award for freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit

Finalist, the First Horizon Award: For a superior work by a debut author in any genre

Our past doesn’t define our future

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